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The Basics:
Sky Smith
"12" (Sept 9, 2013)
Doctor Who (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

Rakath Chaos

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I own no rights to Sky, Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, or anything. I also earn nothing from doing this. This is all just for fun.

Personality and Abilities:
Personality: Hephaestus didn’t really give Sky a personality, it simply formed as she helped him around his workshop. Finally deciding she was ‘alive’ on day three. Her most noteworthy attribute is curiosity, she questions everything. Partly because she knows so little, but mostly it is just who she is. She wants to know every detail of the how and why of things, and finds a lack of answer incredibly troubling. How could people not know things, especially things that are rooted in their everyday activities and lives.

An offshoot of this is a stark honesty that can cause her some trouble, truth is the only way to learn how everything in the world works. Lies, naturally, are antithetical to this idea. So when asked a question she’ll tell the truth, no matter how awkward or inappropriate it would be. Including things in connection to Gods, Monsters, and Camp. Fortunately this is usually ignored by adults as Sky seems a bit… imaginative.

Another aspect of her that’s very strong is bravery… well, more of a lack of self-concern. If the choice is her safety, or another, she will always take the risk if she’s the best suited. This is not a desire to face death or harm, but more a misunderstanding of her own value. She doesn’t ‘see’ herself as any more important than anything else.

She also won’t hesitate to do great harm to protect things she feels are more valuable (usually it’s decided by innocence or comradery). She’s delicate and protective of things she treasures, be they people, ideals, or machines. She uses what she learns to build and re-evaluate her ideas of right and wrong. Most of which are pretty spot on.

Of course, she is still very much not human. Human concepts of beauty and aesthetics are alien to her, and her attempts to replicate such sentiments end up getting muddled with her honesty. So she is as likely to call horrible monsters ‘cute’ as find them terrifying, when there isn’t a context of action. Once she sees a monster attack a camper it’s horrible, but until then she could call it cool, cute, pretty, or interesting with as much chance she picks one as another.

And while she was given some information by her father while she slept… it was based on his values. So he overlooked human fashion, social events, and rituals for a complete history of mechanics. She knows the basic decorum dealing with Gods, but also a firm belief Hera is never to be trusted. She can’t tell a duck from a water buffalo but she knows how rocket fuel has changed over the years. She can get self-conscious when people make fun of these ‘gaps’ in her understanding of the world, as she does her best to be ‘normal’ and feels she’s done something wrong when she fails.


Abilities: While she might not be her father’s daughter by genetics, she is still a child of Hephaestus. She’s an expert at all things mechanical, and despite her small frame she’s very skilled with smithing tools and capable of wielding them without issue. She has an influence over electronics, capable of sensing and controlling them from a short distance. She can’t control wild electricity, as that’s Zeus’s domain, and intense emotions cause electronics to short out (again, no influence on lightning). Her senses can get clouded by large electrical sources (...that does include thunderstorms). She can’t swim (she sinks), and she’s resistant to fire and heat (but not immune like Leo or a Cyclops, it just takes a lot more fire to actually bother her due to her forged body).

Other than the fact that she’s a machine, she acts, eats, and sleeps like a normal girl. Only the children of Hephaestus or Vulcan would sense she’s mechanical (or anyone that sees her bleed, as she bleeds a mix of machine fluids). Her body recovers from smaller damage easily enough, larger damage usually requires tinkering from one of her siblings.

Timeline and Links:
AU History: Sometimes Hephaestus gets bored, he’s a God that likes to have a dozen projects on hand at any time. One of these projects was an Automaton. He had seen Daedalus’s work and wanted to improve on the design. But as it wasn’t a body for himself, he decided to be a bit creative with what he made. It took some time, a lot of work, but he eventually woke up this child he made. He played a few games with her in the forge, all to test her reflexes and skills. She helped him work on some other projects, a handy second pair of hands to give him tools and was always eager to please.

Hephaestus was amused that, even as a blank slate, a personality began to emerge. He’d had her around about a week when the man came. He said his name was Apollo, but she didn’t get to listen to what he and Hephaestus spoke of. Hephaestus didn’t seem to appreciate the conversation, and spent the rest of the day sour. But… he promised to show her the world outside the forge, which made her very happy. She really liked the big blue ceiling out there, and all the green things, and the funny smells! He eventually took her to a flat cliffside and in through a door that only appeared from fire.

It was a small workshop. Much smaller than Hephaestus’s forge, but still full of lots of abandoned projects (so that they had in common). Hephaestus found a workroom and took the little girl there, and told her she would go to sleep, and she had to wait for one of her brothers or sisters to wake her up. That she would be more useful later, once electricity became a big deal like it’s suppose to.

And there she sleeps, he added some more memories into her head. The last update was before the second Titan war, in case she would be found and of use for that. Little things about the camp, cool mechanical advancements, and how important chrome is to make a vehicle look cool.

Of course, as an automaton the girl didn’t dream, but she peacefully waits in Bunker 9. For when she’s suppose to be found.

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